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2020 Hear Us Roar

As the sun sets on 2019, we cannot help but look back and reflect on the year’s ups and downs. It’s been quite the ride, hasn’t it? We’ve broken a fair few records… we’ve had the hottest summer on record, where we quite literally melted through our thermometers, and after a turbulent few years, the Tories finally took the majority in parliament.

As the last vermillion, crimson, and sodium-orange hues of 2019 fade into darkness, at The Whisky World there is always that constant glimmer of amber that brightens the starry night sky. As fireworks explode, and champagne corks herald in the start of a new decade, the Whisky World elves are busily banging their barrels to ensure that the celebratory record-breaking continues into the 2020s.

Over the past 12 months we’ve raised a toast to many a Whisky World victory.

We’ve launched almost 900 new products on our site, we’ve created 4 new Whisky World exclusives, and on a balmy summer’s eve in June we held our second annual Whisky World Event at the Marriott Hotel in Mayfair. With over 250 whiskies to sip, select, and savour, as well as a sumptuous buffet, our 500 guests enjoyed hearing from the experts, enjoying the audio-visual presentations, and indulging in a sumptuous buffet.

But by far our most celebrated achievement for the year is the over 1000 new 5-star reviews.

At the Whisky World we strive for perfection in quality and value. We work diligently to bring our clients the best offers, discounts, and events. When it comes to customer service we strive to rise to the top, and no detail is left to chance.

Our clients are the singular most important aspect of our business, and the 1000 new reviews prove that the Whisky World’s future is on the rise.

And now we’re heading into 2020 determined to break new records… to introduce new products, offer exclusive discounts and offers, and continuously improve our client satisfaction.

The 1920s were known as the roaring twenties… and we intend to leave a similar mark on the upcoming decade.

We are the Whisky World

Hear us roar.