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Dry January Sorted

Doing Dry January the right way!

Time for a show of hands, who’s taking part in Dry January this year? After the over-indulgence of the festive period, many choose to opt out of alcohol for a month to give themselves time to detox and re-energise.

So if you’re one of the (approx) 3 million people taking part in Dry Jan 2020, then we’ve got you covered!

Our range of non alcoholic mixers, fruit juices and spirits ensure you still get to enjoy the effervescent bubbles and mouth-wateringly mellow mocktails, without feeling like you’re missing out on the party. 

Ceder’s non-alcoholic gin:

All of the delicious gin taste and none of the next day headaches. What’s not to love about this Ceder’s alternative? Made using Swedish spring water and a mix of botanicals from South Africa, this is a wonderfully refreshing basis for a mocktail or to enjoy with tonic water. Available in Classic, Crisp or Wild – you’re spoilt for choice!

Kedem Grape Juice:

We have a vast array of sparkling and still grape juices available from Kedem. Enjoy chilled in a flute for maximum enjoyment… 

Take the sparkling blush juice for example; a kosher fruit based juice made with top quality grapes from New York. Kedem Sparkling Blush Grape Juice is a rosé grape juice that can be enjoyed as an alcohol alternative or mixed with alcohol spirits for a refreshing cocktail (once Dry Jan is over of course).

Perhaps you prefer something a little different with the Kedem sparkling peach grape juice? Refreshing, crisp and light, this grape juice is naturally delicious and has no added sugar, plus it’s an awesome addition to your mocktails list. 

We also recommend sampling a bottle or two of the Kedem natural grape juice. Fruity, delicious and a fantastic alternative to alcohol. 

Seedlip Non Alcoholic Gin:

Choose between Spice or Garden 108 (or both?).

Garden 108: A refreshing and tasty herbal non-alcoholic botanical spirit which shares the characteristics of gin, but without the alcohol, making it a winning choice for Dry Jan. This unusual and very clever spirit is made with copper stills just like gin, and includes thyme, rosemary, spearmint, hay and pea among others – and it tastes simply wonderful.

Spice 94: You’ll be anything but disappointed once you’ve tasted this alcohol free gin beauty! Once again it shares many gin characteristics but it’s still 100% alcohol free. It features, allspice, grapefruit, lemon, cardamom and oak. Try it for yourself and let us know your thoughts 

So that’s January sorted! Detox? What detox? You won’t even notice with these in the cupboard. Have a fantastic month and we look forward to hearing how you got on. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, we’d be happy to answer them just get in touch with us.