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All Treat No Trick

It’s that time of year again where supermarket shelves are piled floor to ceiling with “scary” candy; witches, ghosts, zombies, and superheroes scour the streets, knocking door to door, searching for some sugary treats to feast on, and somewhere in the dark of night a faint hiss and a squeaky childhood “boo” heralds the advent of Halloween Eve.

As you open the door to yet another motley crew of Disney Princesses, Harry Potters, witches and skeletons, you reach for that enormous buy-one-get-one-free box of Quality Street and amidst pre-rehearsed threats of “trick or treat” you drop some chocolate-y treats into a variety of bags, buckets, and pockets whilst keeping an eagle eye out for an errant egg.
But when you close the door to what seems like the thousandth “scary” zombie, and entertained all the neighbourhood children, it’s time to summon the real spirits of Halloween.

Our range of super-spooky skulls and zombies, filled with spirits from around the world will create all the perfect Halloween atmosphere.
Try our iridescent bottle of Crystal Head Vodka. This high-quality vodka is bold and spicy that is simply perfect for All Hallows Eve. Or how about Deadhead 6 Year Old Rum whose bottle resembles a shrunken head, or really get to the bones of the party with KAH Tequila Blanco which comes in a white ceramic skull shaped bottle.

Forget the Ouija boards, the tarot cards, and the neon coloured mood candles. If you really want to avoid egg on your face, forget the tricks, just break out the treats and celebrate Halloween, The Whisky World style.