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Out of The Blue!!

Scratch ‘n’ Drink!

I’m not much of a gambler; I don’t play dice, or shoot craps. I don’t feed slot machines, or spin roulette. The only card game I ever play is Solitaire, and somehow I still manage to lose, and my poker face is a dead giveaway. I save myself £2 every week by not playing the lottery. And yet, every so often when buying my weekly pack of gum, my eye will fall upon the shiny rolls of silver scratch cards and I’ll succumb to a “what the hell” moment.

It’s not the prospect of winning big that entices me, (although that would be a lucrative bonus), but rather the momentary adrenaline rush, the sliver of hope as I sully my fingernails with silver UV ink as I scratch away dreams and promises. In that moment my world is filled with possibilities, and even when I don’t win there’s still that lingering buzz of hope.
And now, with our special Out of the Blue campaign, we want to give you that very same feeling.

In every order placed between 14th of November until the 20th December we will include a special promotional Out of the Blue scratch card with chances to win a specially selected bottle of whisky, or cash prizes to redeem against your next The WhiskyWorld purchase.

With prizes such as the robust character of Arran Smugglers Volume 3, the complex fruitiness of Glenfarclas 30, the richness of Mortlach 18, and the nutty character of Glendonrach 18, to name but a few, make sure you sniff out your scratch card in your order.
And if perchance your card is not a winner, you can always crack open the bottle you just purchased, and enjoy a long stiff drink to maintain that little buzz of hope and possibilities. And then when you’ve either celebrated your win, or drowned your sorrows, you can always place another order and have another go at seeing what the cards have in store for you.
So place an order with us today, and let the (drinking) games begin.