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Kavalan Single Sherry Cask TWW Exclusive

We have some incredibly exciting news for whisky lovers one and all as we’re delighted to announce that we’re now selling a Kavalan Sherry Cask Selected EXCLUSIVELY for The Whisky World.

In an epic collaboration between us and the award-winning Taiwanese single malt distillery,
We have just 413 bottles available so if you want a taste, you’ll have to be quick! The specially selected Kavalan single malt is totally unique and has come from just one single cask, meaning it has the benefit of not being blended with any other whisky, and the dates the cask was filled & emptied, as well as the bottle # are detailed.

The Kavalan Single Sherry Cask previously held Oloroso sherry with its deep colour and intense aroma providing a honeyed sweetness to the whisky with dried fruit and nut flavours. This type of powerfully sherried-whisky is playfully known in the industry as a ‘sherrybomb’, and because this was aged entirely in a first-fill cask, it’s one of the most intense.

A recent whisky review deemed it ‘Absolutely explosive.’ The reviewer then went on to explain, ‘This particular cask is a classic big sherried-Kavalan. It gives you a huge sherry-slap
around the face and invites you to experiment with it. In this case, some air, 2 or 3 drops of water and gentle swirl. It just works brilliantly. Let it breathe in the glass for a short while
longer and allow the deepness, aromas and flavour to mingle and reward you.’ If that doesn’t convince you to snap up a bottle then nothing will.

So who are Kavalan? As a well established and highly respected distillery, Kavalan takes advantage of the subtropical Taiwanese environment to accelerate the maturity of its spirits. Reaffirming their motto ” A whisky’s age is meaningful if there is only one climate “, a spirit matured for just four years at Kavalan’s warehouse can be comparable to a 12-15 year-old whisky matured in Scotland. As the first and only family-owned whisky distillery in Taiwan, Kavalan have also led the way in establishing Taiwanese whisky on the world stage, winning 2015’s World Whisky Awards ‘World’s Best Single Malt’ title, 2016’s ‘World’s Best Single Cask Single Malt’ as well as being named ‘Distiller of the Year’ by the IWSC in 2017.

The perfect gift for any whisky connoisseur and casual drinkers of high-quality spirits who appreciate the investments and techniques used in the distilling process. So what are you waiting for? Quick, order here this second before you miss your chance.