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Out of the Black!

Black Friday… a day of mega discount deals… if you are willing to risk being trampled by a stampede of rampant shoppers.

Black Friday is the biggest consumer day of the year, and announces the official countdown to number of shopping days to Christmas. By the time that number reaches zero most people are harried, harrowed, and too agitate to celebrate the spirit of the season.

Now compare a Black Friday with The Whisky World.

Our campaign Out of the Black running in addition to our popular Out of the Blue scratch card promotion offers you the chance to win a free black bottle of whisky. We will randomly select from any orders placed over the Black Friday weekend to include a free bottle from our distinguished “Black Bottle” range.

Will your order carry the distinctive chocolatey aroma of the Glenmorangie Signet? Will you be savouring the classic refinement of Octomore 08.1? Or perhaps you will be enjoying the more fruity flavours of Highland Park Valkyrie, and maybe just maybe, your order will include the distinctively shaped Highland Park Fire Edition.

And since we will be randomly selecting the orders, there is no need to push, shove, or stare down your fellow shoppers. Instead, pour yourself a dram, log into our website, and shop at your leisure from the comfort of your armchair.

And when Christmas Countdown Clock reaches zero, you can enjoy a calm, peaceful, serene Yuletide… and you never know… you might be pouring yourself a free celebratory drink.