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Gift of the Moment

We all have those moments… that sudden awareness that we owe someone a demonstration of gratitude, the nick-of-time head-slapping realisation that “oh dear I completely forgot about the birthday/anniversary/retirement party,” or the last-minute trip where I absolutely must bring something for the host.

That eleventh-hour shopping necessity is enough to induce panic in even the most composed mind.

The frantic online clicking, checking for fastest delivery options, alongside the mild palpitations that accompany the constant questioning of “what to buy, what to buy.”

But fear not.

We at The Whisky World are dedicated to offering you a series of soothing moments. Be it the relaxing sigh of a brain shutting down at the end of the day, the hiss of muscles unwinding as they creak into a plush leather armchair, the calming potion to soothe away the stress or the celebratory toast. Whatever your moment, we have just the spirit to match your spirits. Which is why we created the Gift of the Moment.

Forget the panic, no more “you forgot” stare-downs, or embarrassed empty hands.

Every now and then we will select a dedicated Gift of the Moment, where all you have to do is log on to our website, find our Gift of the Moment, and order in a few easy clicks.

And for this moment, we have the elegant and smooth Dalmore 15 Year Old 2 Glass Gift Pack. The flawless balance and spicy character creates the perfect moment… and what’s more, will have you celebrated as a gift-giving superstar.

So forget the guesswork, forget the stress work… instead, leave it to The Whisky World.

We take care of your moments.