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Scratch ‘n’ Drink Redux

Last year I put my game face on, laid my cards on the table, and then promptly confessed that I am not much of a gambler. How’s that for a poker face? Well, at least you know I’m honest.
And in the spirit of honesty, pun intended, I will whip out the Ace from my sleeve and reveal to you our big secret. I know, I know, a magician never reveals his trick, after all, if he did that he’d lose all his customers. Without the big mystery showstopper, he’s just a dude in a funny costume doing strange hand gestures that would ordinarily make children cry if not for the word “Magic” in front of his name.
But here’s the thing…
We’re not magicians… our offers are not produced by trickery that will vapourise as soon as we’ve captured your interest, there is no hidden compartment where we secret away our treasures so as to manipulate you into parting with yours, and there are no trapdoors for you to fall into.
We’re not magicians… our offers, our whiskies, everything about us is genuine… including our number one mission of bringing the best to our clients.
So what’s the big secret… what mysteries do my cards foretell?
Ta da….
Last year’s Out of the Blue promotion was so popular and so well received that we are doing it again.
Yes, you heard that right.
Just like last year, every order placed between [insert dates] will include a special promotional Out of the Blue scratch card with chances to win a specially selected bottle of whisky, or cash prizes to redeem against your next Whisky World purchase.
And with prizes such as Old Pulteney 18  Johnnie Walker Port Ellen – Ghost & Rare, Glenfarclas 25 , Bunnahabhain 18,  you will want to pull out all your tricks to ensure you place your order for a little bit of abracadabra pizzazz.
Because who knows what your scratchcard might reveal?