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Countdown Is On

It’s November, and we all know what that means. It means a nip in the air, earlier evenings, and autumn leaves crunching underfoot.
It also means that every app, every TV channel, every shop that you have ever visited, even if it was just that one time to use their bathroom, and every website that you ever accidentally click-baited will now clog up your feed, assault your notifications, and bombard every one of your smart screens with that daily glaring countdown of doom:

From now until that magical day your ears will be assailed by tinny sounds of “here we come a-wassailing,” supermarket trips will become an obstacle course of navigation around chocolate-box mountains, and you’ll start to wonder whether mulled wine is the new Black Label.
As that countdown beats ever louder like a ticking time bomb, along comes the Advent Calendar.
The Advent Calendar… a tradition to raise an even greater awareness of the looming approaching of the BIG DAY… but this time with the assuaging presentation of candied treats or little gifts to mitigate the impending stress.
As the kids receive their daily countdown sugar dose to add that extra pinch of hyperactivity, this enabling them to create an ever-growing wish list for Santa, you probably have a wish list of your own… some peace and quiet… and for something to dull your senses just a little until it’s all over.
Well… good news… we have just the thing.
Our purely-for-grown-ups Advent Calendar will keep you just as excited as the kids with their candy canes and gingerbread men.
For 24 days in December you will have your own personal joy of discovering a special surprise spirit of the day. Our Advent Calendars contain a variety of miniatures… from whisky to brandy to rum to vodka… every day will offer another intoxicating delight.
Treat yourself to your own Christmas Coping Companion… it’ll take the edge off all that gift-shopping and turkey-stuffing.
Or, if you have any mum or dad friends… get them one too… or one two… they will need one each (and perhaps even two each). They will love you forever.
In fact, get one for every adult you know who is staring at that Christmas Countdown Clock with their head in one hand and painkillers in the other.
This way you can all enjoy the spirit of the season… and actually look forward to counting down to Christmas.