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The Perfect Way to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Irish Coffee is the perfect way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The rich blend of nutty, slightly bitter coffee, caramelly sugar and fiery whisky is a pleasing contrast to the cool, loosely whipped layer of cream on top.

There are numerous variations to this classic drink, but in order to maintain its original flavour, as well as its Irish Heritage, you still can’t beat the original no-frills recipe.

The perfect St Patrick’s Celebratory Coffee recipe:
50ml cold double or whipping cream
50ml Irish Whiskey
Hot freshly brewed coffee
2 tbsp brown sugar

Start by whipping the cream until it just starts to thicken, and put in the fridge to chill. Pour the whisky into the glass, and then dissolve the sugar in the whisky. Add the coffee and stir well. Remove cream from fridge, and pour on top of the coffee. The colder the cream, and the hotter the coffee, the more likely the cream will float at the top rather than sink into the coffee. Sprinkle some nutmeg onto the cream for an added nutty flavour. Serve immediately.

If hard liqueur isn’t your tipple of choice, you can substitute some Walders Creamy Coffee Liqueur. It might not be Irish, but it is infused with whisky and will provide a lighter, frothier toast to the Patron Saint of Ireland.

And keep the party going with a good old Irish booze-up. From light and fruity Bushmills to the more complex and spicy Jameson Crested to the distinctly smooth and balanced Teeling Single Malt, the Whisky World’s Irish Whiskey range can help you create a variety of celebratory cocktails.

So raise your glasses and join us in a jubilant blarney cheer to St. Patrick.