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Because She’s More Than “Just” A Mother

Ask any stay-at-home mum what they do, and chances are they will respond with an unpretentious shrug and say “oh, I’m just a mum.”

But she’s so much more than that:

She’s a nursemaid, a personal shopper, a baker, a cook. She’s a politician, a peacemaker, a mediator, an arbitrator. She’s a teacher, a secretary, a therapist, a banker. She has no nine-to-five, no office hours, no paid leave.

She provides exemplary attention to detail, never-ending unconditional love, emotional encouragement and physical support. She knows not of time nor reason for which to resign her job.

And yet, she still thinks of herself as “just a mum.”

So on mother’s day, remove the “just,” show her the intrinsic value of her role as mother. Demonstrate your appreciation in her perpetual gift of giving. Indulge her with breakfast in bed, eggs, toast, and some yoghurt topped with Peureux Framboisines Raspberries in Liqueur.

Pamper her with a veritable spa day of exotic delights. Refresh her with Edinburgh’s Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur, delight her with Bloom Premium London Dry Gin, and spoil her with the heavenly smooth and creamy zing of Schmerlings Chocolate Mint Liqueur.

End her special day on a high note, with a sumptuous dinner served with the fruity and cinnamon aromas of Godet XO Terre Cognac and finish with the rich espresso flavours of Van Gogh Double Espresso Coffee Flavoured Vodka.

She’s more than “just” a mother…

… and we are more than “just” a Whisky shop.