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The Whisky World Exclusive!

Here at The Whisky World we’ve practically been exploding with excitement. It’s been a tough job to keep this little nugget under our hats… it’s a good job we’re surrounded by a veritable cornucopia of spirits to keep us in check.

Not that we drink on the job… obviously!! But we do tend to get a little distracted sometimes with the promise of a soothing, warming, tipple at the end of the day, courtesy of our staff discount.
Lean in a little more… this secret is bubbling inside me like the spicy aftertaste of a rich single malt… I can practically taste it.

The flavour of this as yet undisclosed snippet lingers on my tongue with the taste of fresh lemon citrus, honey, and red fruits. It’s so enigmatically smooth that I just can’t bring myself to let it go… not yet.

I sense your intrigue, your desire… your whetted appetite.

I can feel your anticipation as you await the words to drip from my lips like the pure amber liquid pours into your tumbler on a cold winter’s evening.

Come in really close as I whisper it to you… closer… closer…


Ooops… sorry for shouting… but I’m excited. We all are!!!

As the ringing in your ear dies down let me soothe your jangled nerves with our exhilarating news.

The Whisky World and The Glenrothes have come together to produce an exclusive The Whisky World bottling.

This 1994 vintage sherry cask #31, bottled in 2016 will be an exclusive The Whisky World edition of only 250 bottles. This limited-edition whisky will go on sale on 25 July 2017.

Put this date in your diary… set your reminder alarm…

Because with David keeping one bottle for himself there will be only 249 of this exclusive The Whisky World bottling for sale and you wouldn’t want to miss out on being part of this rare opportunity.

We’re exclusive.

We’re The Whisky World.