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Valentine’s Day

Okay, so here’s a pop quiz for all you lovers out there… when I say “Valentine’s Day” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Now lemme guess, I bet it was either red roses, a box of chocolates tied in red ribbon, a fluffy teddy bear holding a red heart with the word “love” embroidered on it in a white italic font, or possibly a combination of all three. Am I right?

Valentine’s Day evokes visions of red… red everywhere. Yes, of course it is the colour we associate with love and passion… but warmth and desire needn’t be reduced to a single point on the colour wheel… it comes in many other shades too.

To start with there’s amber. The warm autumnal colour that evokes images of cold winter nights in front of a roaring fire with a glass of soothing golden whisky that enlivens the spirit. How about the sweet yet smoky Ailsa Bay, whose notes of charred word and red apples makes this the perfect malt to share with your loved one. Or choose from our delectably rich variety of Single Malts to ignite your amber warmth.

Ardour and affection need not rely on fiery colours to make an impression. The cool Edgerton Blue Spice Gin whose combination of earthy botanicals including black pepper, lavender, and fennel, offers a rich complexity for a delightful invigorating sensation. Pair it with the cheeky Edgerton Original Pink Gin made with pomegranate extract, and you have the perfect duo for a couple’s night in.
Or how about make your feelings Absolut-ly clear with our range of flavoured Vodkas for every mood and emotion. Try the Acai Berry for a fresh and vibrant treat, Elyx for a hint of luxury, or the Mango for exotic sweetness.
Forget the red fluffy hearts… and the predictable chocolate bouquets…
Instead make your Valentine’s Day extra colourful with TheWhiskyWorld.