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Burns Night

Every year on 25 January, or thereabouts, we celebrate Burns Night. The celebration usually involves a Burns which is an institution of Scottish life and commemorates the life and poetry of Robert Burns, the author of many Scots poems.

Burns Night was originally celebrated in July, which is the anniversary of the Scottish bard’s death, but was later moved to 25 January, which was his birthday. Well… if you think about it… January in Scotland… you just gotta find an excuse to party… and with pourings of whisky and tables groaning with haggis, neeps, and tatties, it’s a perfect way to keep warm.

You’ve gotta give it to those Scots, they’ll find any excuse to party. Perhaps it is no coincidence that whisky is Scotland’s national drink and their biggest export.

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog you will have figured out by now that I am a writer… and take it from me there has been many an author who has sought liquid inspiration at the bottom of a bottle. There is a actually a scientific reason as to why a shot of hard liqueur frees writers block. I don’t actually know the reason… I’m a writer not a scientist… but who am I to argue… and I can vouch that many a written word flows amber.
And Robert Burns was not only a writer, but he lived in Scotland… and if that’s not a reason to enjoy a bone-warming drink, I don’t know what is.

Burns Night is celebrated in a variety of ways… raucous parties, informal gatherings, or just raising a toast to the author who contributed much to Scottish culture. And then there is the official formal ceremony where guests are expected to don full traditional Scottish dress. One of Burns’ poems is recited, after which a whisky toast will be proposed to the haggis… have you ever seen haggis… I know I’m not touching that without a shot of something stiff first… and then company will sit down to the meal.

You don’t have to be Scottish… or a writer… to celebrate Burns Night… after all, it’s always a good idea to celebrate diverse cultures… especially when that culture includes whisky.
So check out our extensive range of Scotch whiskies… from single malts, to blends, to gift packs… and raise a toast to Robert Burns… and as a celebrated Scotsman he deserved to be commemorated in true Scots fashion… with tartan, haggis, bagpipes… and a wee dram.