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Halloween Spirits

There seems to be a confounded notion that the winter is a season of sadness, that as the days draw in and the nights creep in ever earlier that so does a sense of doom and depression.

Summertime has become synonymous with sunshine and cheer, and the June-August season is represented by colourful blue skies, images of giggling children skipping jubilantly in the park flying kites, and happy families gleefully building sandcastle on golden beaches with an azure ocean backdrop.

It is therefore no wonder than when the end of October heralds the end of British Summer Time, an air of gloom seems to permeate, as if all harbingers of happiness have set with the summer sun.
However, I find this dismal outlook to be an inaccurate reflection of reality.

Autumn brings with it a fabulous array of colours, as the leaves turn from green to vibrant shades of orange, yellow, russet, and brown. A simple walk in the park becomes a joyous adventure of leaves crackling underfoot and the chance to toss maple “helicopter” seeds in the air and watch them whirl slowly to the ground.

Then there are the cosy evenings in, where you can hear the wind billowing outside, as you snuggle up in your favourite fluffy attire, feel the heated warmth of being indoors imbue you, whilst you enjoy a malted warming tipple.

And then of course, you have all the holidays to look forward to. The upcoming season of joy and good will is just around the corner, the smell of gingerbread and mulled wine is already beginning to waft in the cooling air, and a general sense of excitement crackles alongside the roar of the open fire.
And to open this season of festivities is the hallowed holiday of Halloween. Whilst kids go out in their spooky costumes collecting buckets full of sweets and treats, it is time for the adults in their very own winter warmers.

A holiday that dedicates itself to the eerily thrilling display of blood and gore, why not complement the spirit of the occasion with a tasty tipple of Cointreau Blood Orange, whose vivacious flavours of orange peels, will go down a treat.

For our next trick, add a little kick to your “trick or treat” pick ‘n’ mix. Think of all the harried haggard parents trudging along their hyperactive kids who are hopped up on sugar, as they plod along the well worn paths to their neighbours, as their kids keep adding to their pile of additives. But now, you can put a smile on their tired faces, by offering them a miniature bottle of either Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut, Crystal Head Vodka, or Kraken Black Spice Rum.

Or perhaps you’re one of those who turns out all his lights and pretends not to be home to avoid the constant ringing of the doorbell whilst enjoying your cosy evening in. If that’s your poison, snuggle up on the couch, plug in some headphones, and relax with a long drink of Ian MacLeod’s Smokehead. This wonderful smoky and peaty expression makes for the perfect nightcap on a cold autumn evening.

No matter how you choose to celebrate All Hallows Day, this year, with our special Whisky World winter warmers, you can forget all about the tricks and go straight for the treats.