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The Whisky World Whisky Event!

The Whisky Event

Today’s episode of The Whisky World diaries begins with a question. So pick up your pencils, your iPads, or your smartphone and answer me this.
Sunday 17th June is a significant day because?
I can practically hear the unanimous shout-out of “that’s easy. It’s Father’s Day.”
I bet the Dads amongst us are envisioning hero-worshipping handmade cards lovingly crafted by child-size hands, cute but useless gifts that include a “World’s Best Dad” beer mat, some kind of family inside-joke gag gift, and quite possibly a car air-freshener for the last minute “oh no… we totally forgot that it’s Father’s Day” panic buy.
But fear not, for I am about to let you in on a little secret. Sunday 17th June is not only Father’s Day, but it is the day that we at The Whisky World present our first ever Whisky Event.
The event which will take place in the plush and sophisticated surroundings of The Marriott Hotel in Park Lane, will present an extensive collection of whiskies and other spirits both from famous and the less well-known distillers.
Enjoy sampling from a selection of over 150 whiskies, learn about food pairings, indulge in a sumptuously lavish buffet, and travel on a virtual tour of Glenfiddich’s distillery.
Whether you are seeking the perfect Father’s Day gift, forget the unimaginative “I heart my Dad” mug, and gift your old man with a wonderful evening of refined indulgence. Or perhaps you just want to treat yourself and your partner to some quality hedonistic elegance.
So dazzle your family with your favourite cocktail-wear and come join us at the Marriott where your evening of pleasure begins with a free complimentary cocktail and ends with the possibility of discovering your new favourite tipple… or two.
And make sure to tell your family, so that next year on Father’s Day there will be no excuse for them hastily wrapping yet another pair of tartan slippers.
The Whisky World Whisky Event… because sometimes Dad needs an evening off too.