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World Gin Day

If I had to create a cocktail called “British Summer,” the recipe would probably read something like this:

Pour a measure of spirit, add a splash of juice, drizzle some syrup, and add a sprinkle or two of fruit.

See the running theme?

Yes, it’s raining… must be summer.

But still… it’s June… the first syllable in “juniper,” which can only mean one thing… it’s World Gin Day.

World Gin Day is on the second Saturday in June… a day dedicated to celebrating gin, and with a Sunday afterwards to recover.

Gin has a reputation for its crisp, clean taste, flavoured with juniper. But behind that simple façade lies one of the world’s most complex and best-loved spirit with a rich and varied history and distilleries across the globe have utilised their art and passion to craft as perfect a spirit as the name deserves.

Gordons Gin, currently the world’s number one best-selling gin, has the classic gin character to make the perfect Gin and Tonic with a clean, juniper dominant taste.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not try Burleigh’s Gin? Using a variety of botanicals in their recipes, Burleigh’s range offers a more sweet and fruity palate perfect for creating cocktails served with slices of fruit.

Or try Bombay Sapphire for a more exotic experience. A blend of ten different botanicals from around the world are infused together to create a perfectly balanced gin.

So on this Saturday, 10 June, don’t let the dampness put a dampner on your spirits… instead clink your glasses, and raise a toast to summer sunshine with the quintessentially British exclamation of “chin-chin.”
Or should that be “gin-gin?”