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World Whisky Day

Whisky, whisky, everywhere… and not a drop to drink.

Wait, no, that can’t be right.
Whisky, whisky, everywhere… let’s all have a drink.
Ah, that’s so much better.

When one thinks “whisky” one assumes “Scotch,” but the liquid amber nectar is no longer exclusive to the Highlands of Scotland.

Hop over to another land of Celts where Irish Whiskeys make their mark. Try a snifter of Bushmills, Ireland’s oldest whiskey. For over 400 year Bushmills have produced a variety of whiskeys ranging from the smooth warming, easy drinking Bushmills Original to the deep intense character of Bushmills Black Bush. Or enjoy a dram of triple distilled Jameson Whiskey that encompasses the all the sweetness and smoothness of Irish charm.

Take a magic carpet ride to Asia where Japanese independent distillers have concocted Ichiro’s Malt. From the wine-finished Malt Wine Wood Reserve to the oak and sherry matured Malt Double Distilleries, Ichiro has something for every palate.

Continue on the Eastern adventure with Kavalan, produced in Taiwan. This fledgling distillery has wowed the world with their young but full flavoured whisky, concentrating on signature flavours of tropical fruit.

Continue your journey across the pond where the Americans have hit the spot with famous malts such as Jack Daniel’s. Enjoy your across-the-Atlantic tasty travels with Parker’s Heritage Wheat Whiskey, a delightful whiskey with a beautiful long finish, and Kentucky’s very own big and bold Wild Turkey Rye. Venture further north to celebrate with the Canadians and their award-winning whisky, the spicy, butterscotch, spiced vanilla and pepper, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye.

No matter where in the world you are, or whether you prefer a sweeter palate over a lingering spicy one, World Whisky Day is not about pretension or exclusivity… it’s about uniting world whiskies… creating a warm happy family… an inclusivity of flavours that includes whiskies from anywhere in the world….
… even the expensive one you’ve hidden on the top shelf so your friends and family don’t steal it.So on 20 May, pick your poison, raise a glass, and toast the

So on 20 May, pick your poison, raise a glass, and toast the life-affirming essence that has refreshed and revived millions of people for hundreds of years.