Halloween Spirits


There seems to be a confounded notion that the winter is a season of sadness, that as the days draw in and the nights creep in ever earlier that so does a sense of doom and depression.

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St Patrick’s Day

St Patricks day promo image

Have you been seeing little green men sliding down rainbows and carrying little pots of gold? Don’t worry, you’re not on some freaky psychedelic intergalactic acid trip, nor have the Martians invaded to take over our economy.

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St David’s Day

St Davids Day promo image

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus
I bet that looks like gibberish to you, unless you happen to be a Welshman, in which case “Happy St. David’s Day” to you too.

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Valentine’s Day

Red Label

Okay, so here’s a pop quiz for all you lovers out there… when I say “Valentine’s Day” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Now lemme guess,

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Burns Night


Every year on 25 January, or thereabouts, we celebrate Burns Night. The celebration usually involves a Burns which is an institution of Scottish life and commemorates the life and poetry of Robert Burns,

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Dry January


Dear Diary….
03 January…
My head is pounding… my ears are ringing… and that infernal alarm clock didn’t help. Is it really the third today… the last thing I remember is counting down from 10… there were fireworks… or it may have been my head exploding… I’m not sure…
Is it really the third… I’ve missed two whole days….

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Year In Review

Happy new year 2018

Wow, it’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? Trump became president – I know he was elected in 2016, but his inauguration was this year, so it totally counts. Also,

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Out of the Black!

Out of the black

Black Friday… a day of mega discount deals… if you are willing to risk being trampled by a stampede of rampant shoppers.

Black Friday is the biggest consumer day of the year,

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Gift of the Moment

Gift of the moment logo

We all have those moments… that sudden awareness that we owe someone a demonstration of gratitude, the nick-of-time head-slapping realisation that “oh dear I completely forgot about the birthday/anniversary/retirement party,” or the last-minute trip where I absolutely must bring something for the host.

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